Litigation Highlights

Trusts, Estates and Guardianships

— Represented beneficiaries of a will in a contest against beneficiaries of a later will which was drafted and executed under suspicious circumstances. Settlement resulted in the award of the bulk of the estate to clients.

— Represented distant relative of deceased who had been left out of will which bequeathed entire estate to homecare attendant. Challenge to will resulted in substantial award to relative.

— Act as court-appointed guardian for incapacitated man whose multi-unit building in Queens County was swindled from him by a "friend" who took advantage of client's incapacity. Trial recently resulted in court order directing return of property to client.

— Represented daughter of elderly father in contested guardianship proceeding in the State of Florida. Trial against siblings resulted in the appointment of the daughter as personal guardian for the father.

— Criminal Law:  Achieved jury acquittal of client charged with assault and harassment against an individual at a Manhattan construction site.  Client, a construction worker, was arrested and charged after an altercation arising from a dispute over parking on a Manhattan street.

— Matrimonial Law:  Replaced prior attorney who had negotiated unfavorable settlement for wife.  Succeeded in having settlement vacated.  At commencement of eventual trial, husband settled resulting in award to wife of substantial portion of marital assets and no award to husband for wife’s enhanced earnings which resulted from degree earned during marriage.   

— Matrimonial Law:  Represented wife who had been divorced 40 years earlier and needed increase in maintenance so as to enter assisted-living facility.  At arbitration succeeded in winning substantial increase in maintenance.

— Real Estate Litigation:  Represented homeowner in dispute with neighbor over improper construction of neighbor’s pool which elevated the grade of neighbor’s property and caused significant runoff damage to client.  Litigation is presently pending in State Supreme Court.

— Represented homeowner in lawsuit against bank, mortgage broker and attorney who allowed her to close on a residence which lacked a certificate of occupancy.  Transaction involved various acts of fraud by the bank, its attorneys and mortgage broker.  Bank has counterclaimed for foreclosure.  Matter is pending in State Supreme Court. 

— Personal Injury Litigation:  Represented child who was seriously injured in a fall from a playground structure onto unpadded concrete in a New York City park.  Substantial settlement awarded to the child.  

— Administrative Hearing:  Represent homeowner who was taken advantage of by unethical home improvement contractor.  Hearing was held by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.  Decision resulted in substantial award to homeowner.